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Bill Suitor

Tyler years

Ready for a demonstration                         Nelsons first free flight

  Me flying the opening ceremony '84 Olympics   Canadian club advert.  Photo credits: Liz Tyler

Nelson Tyler of Los Angeles, California, inventor or the Tyler vibration free camera mount, built a Bell rocketbelt copy in
1969. He named it the NT-1.
I made many flights in the NT-1 between 1970 and 1984 after which Nelson sold the NT-1.
My most famous and my lifes most favorite being the Opening Ceremonies of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

I still share technical advice with Nelson and have been known to get "talked into" flying (or trying) some of Nelsons letest inventions. Nelson and I are after moere than 40 years still closest of friends, sharing the same dream, manned free flight.

Although the NT-1 was retired long ago, Nelson at age 79 and I eleven years his junior have no intention of giving up our dreams and asperations.