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What Does the Future Hold

Wendell Moore use to tell us, “The rocket belt is really fifty years ahead of it’s time”…..guess what, he was right. In fact, it may even have a longer time to go. I do not see the future holding much promise for a “Jet Belt” or any other strap on Buck Rogers back pack that came and WENT in 1968. Besides, what the hell good is a Jet Belt other than a rich mans expensive toy. You’ll cause traffic collisions due to rubber necking drivers, piss people off due to the noise and even occasionally REALLY piss people off when you inadvertently take out their power and cable TV feed. You just don’t see wires, trust me! They can ruin YOUR entire day !

So what is all this “keeping Wendell’s’ dream alive” all about?  It’s about the fact the man designed and built a number of machines other than “back pack devices” that were practical and held promise if one day powered by small jet engines. Each concept was tried and proved using peroxide rocket power because that’s all we had at the time, but each concept worked, I know, I flew them! All we lacked back then in the 60’s was the jet engines. Well guess what Virginia, those engines exist TODAY and there is no damn reason why there should not be vehicles flying NOW, being used to save lives!

Remember on “9/11”, do you remember the horrible sight of those poor souls so horribly trapped by fire that they choose to jump to their deaths, some even seen holding hands, did you hear the horrible THUD as the TV cameras were in the lobby of the twin towers as their bodies slammed into the roof of the lobby….did you? It upsets me to this day! What upsets me most is that  by the 1980’s there was a machine flying that held great promise as a “useful” rescue tool, it was the Williams WASP. It was in its infancy back then, sure it couldn’t lift two people. BUT…..its second generation cousin the Williams “X-Jet” and X-Jet II sure as hell could. Are you aware that the engine in the WASP, X-Jet and X-Jet II are basically the same engine that was built by Williams for the Bell Jet Belt in 1968, it’s just on steroids. That magnificent little quill shaft engine went from the Bell Jet Belt to the Tomahawk Cruise Missile and over the next 30 years has advanced to where it can haul a 750 lb. payload in a PURE THRUST  vehicle like the X-Jet II with a duration of two and a half hours ! Now in 2011….even more from less !!!!

What’s even more astounding is that you don’t even need a pilot anymore, the technology EXHISTS to make them remotely piloted, and that payload that once was the pilot can now be a second rescued person. Now if you ask the “experts” who work on these projects why there aren’t any of these flying today you’ll get their most sorry ass answer….”well when you tilt the engine from it’s designed horizontal mode to a pure vertical mode, the bottom shaft bearing leaks oil”….LEAKS OIL !!!! So does my old pick up truck you jerk! Don’t insult my intelligence with such a sorry ass lame statement. Error! Objects cannot be created from editing field codes.

Do you think for one moment if the rear bearing on the Cruise missile engine leaked oil that situation would exist for about as long as the life span of the May Fly. How is it that we, we as the RICHEST, most powerful nation in the history of mankind , who put a man on the moon over 40 years ago can’t come up with the necessary oil seal….an oil seal….save me !

It’s not about oil seals; it’s all about that disgusting “Creed of Greed” that has so crept into our society and everything we do. The “Bottom Line”, the return on the dollar spent on R+D, that’s why the only people who spend money on R+D in this country are the military….who spend OUR MONEY devising newer and better ways to kill people but God forbid should we spend any on saving lives.

I’m all for a strong defense, God bless our military, it’s not their fault, they know how to get the bang for the buck. It’s Congress, BRIBED….oh, I’m sorry; I meant “lobbied” by the Aerospace Industry. Back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s men like Larry Bell, Jack Northrop, Lockheed, Boeing the list is long, they gambled THEIR money on ideas, then got the government to back them. I could go on for hours ranting about it and for what……? Until these GREEDY BASTARDS who run these business’ building  bombs and missiles are willing to take SOME risk with THEIR money and reputation, people are going to die needlessly, trapped by some future fire or God forbid another 9/11. Least of all a tsunami , earth quake or some other  God given natural disaster….God forbid !

If I being a “Fireman Of The Future” using one of these Wendell Dream Machines were to ever land on a roof of a burning building I’d be sure to “accidentally” bump the Wall Street Banker off the roof so he could” fly” like the poor souls on 9/11, the ones who died because R+D was not a “safe investment”….and I would rescue the Janitor and Office Worker because they couldn’t afford Health Insurance. Know what , I’ll bet the Wall Street Investment Banker, you know the one with “The Golden Parachute”, who is kicking and screaming on “the way down”….wishes he really had one ! “THUD” !

The future is yours, use it wisely, the life you save may be your own!

Some closing comments from the author

As of this writing, we are now in the fiftieth year of actually flying Jetpacks, we celebrated Hal Grahams first free flight this past April…….sadly, we don’t seem to be  much closer to  making flying Jetpacks as a normal routine means of transportation than in 1961.

Oh sure the Bell Jet Belt in 1968 proved we could use small jet engines instead of rockets , followed by the Williams WASP and X JET and now we have the Martin Fan machine. We have the know how, been there done that, we just don’t have that special leader to take us to that next step. Wendell Moore and Dr. Sam Williams got us to this point, Nelson Tyler and men like Nino Amerana have tried their hardest but lack the funding needed to carry us further. Time is not on their side.

My good friend Andy Filo tells me I’ve been “carrying Wendells’ fire  for a long time now”…..yes I have, and the glow is fading !

We have “investors” willing to risk small fortunes on all sorts of crazy things, some with no practical use, are there no dreamers left? Think of the horror of “9/11”, of all those who perished in those tall inaccessible buildings. Now think of a unmanned rescue platform or basket….not a Jetpack…but a out growth of that technology. Something very small, maneuverable, easily transported on a pickup truck, one in every city….why not….WHY NOT?

Look at these photos, burn those images into your memory, this need not be the case, all we need is for those who can (and should) to put the necessary funding into the research and development of a viable rescue vehicle.


Or this could be your loved one!                                Or him!                                                 Or these!                   

I’m going to vent now and I don’t care who’s toes I step on.

Forty three years ago, as of this writing in 2012, this nation landed two men on the moon and returned them safely back to earth, then repeated the feat 5 more times. But, our finest hour was not the flights that made it to the moon, no, our greatest feat was Apollo 13 and the greatest show off what those in our nations science community can achieve.

But the scientists alone can’t achieve those things unless the money is made available to fund the research and development for those marvelous achievements. I am so sick and tired of hearing all about the billions of dollars being spent on ELECTIONS…..elections of people who do not care for anything but their own personal and partisan agendas. Then there’s the real crooks, the ones on K Street, can you imagine if they cared about their fellow man even half as much as they do their own greedy agenda what could be accomplished. Come on folks, especially all of you who go to work every day in a high rise building, or who live in tall buildings, take a look again at those pictures, that but for the grace of God could be you or one of your loved ones. Get off your ass and raise holy hell with those people who CAN get this done, all they need to do is set aside their greed and turn our scientists loose.

I just hope I live to see the day……………………