Rocketbelt projects >'94

Since 1964 on I have been test flying and engineering rocketbelts. here a little oversight of what projects I was involved after my Bell years.

Tyler NT1
                                                                                           Photo credits: Liz Tyler
RB2000 Pretty Bird  
First flight TP-G2                                                            Trying to fly Thunderpack TP-G1

L-R: Nino Amarena (Thunderpack builder), Nelson Tyler, Me                     Rocketman with Thunderpack.


Training Go Fast Pilot Trainee Damian Doucette                Pilot training "Dr. Rocket" Ian Purcell in his jetpack
                                                                                            (built by Jeremy McGrane)

Jeremy with his very fine jetpack (owned by Ian)            Kari Byron (Myth Busters) Nick Macomber (Dr.Rocket/GoFast team)
                                                                                         and me (flight chief) at TV show LDRS, July 31, 2012.

David Mayman (pilot training)

Australia, November 2011


I would like to thank Captain Peter Gijsberts of producing this website for me