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A brief moment in history on rocket- and jetbelts.
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Bill Suitor

Lectures, pilot training, advise

Host at the first International Rocketbelt Convention Niagara NY.    Second RBC. Presenting for over 70,000 spectators

James Bond 007 convention Boston                           Discovery Channel Canada, lecture on the belt.                                         

Hiller museum, Cal.

Because of my great knowledge on  different kinds of hydrogen peroxide driven personal flying devices, I made contribution to numerous TV stations (US, Canada, Japan, Russia, Europe) and documentaries (Discovery channel, Military channel, PBS, BBC) radio stations, newspapers and magazines for almost 40 years Worldwide.

Check out The Military Channel for their newest episode Top secret weapons revealed: The flying Soldier, and click
the desired clip;



See the GoFast! Jetpack on the new Fall 2012 Season of Mythbusters:"Large Dangerous Rocket Ships"

I can lecture (rocket powered) devices according to your needs and wishes, the lectures are generously filled with photos and film clips from my own private collection.

For technical assistance: there is also the possibility of providing training for you or your choosen pilot at various locations.

Below some movie clips flying me in different rocketbelts

BBC doc. july 2012 
         Olympic flight 1984              Disneyland 1966                Brands Hatch UK 1966


James Bond stunt double '65           Pabst beer commercial  '70       Kolonel Keds sneakers '65          David Mayman Rocket Compulsion

Flying the Bell belt in Thunderball    Nelson Tyler and me flying         Me flying, actor as the Kolonel    Pilot training. 

Very special footage of the US Geological Servey. I was demonstration possible Lunar transportation with rocket powerd personal flying devices like here, the rocketbelt, for NASA and Astronauts.