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A brief moment in history on rocket- and jetbelts.
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Bill Suitor

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The book answers most of the frequently  asked questions Bill Suitor has been asked in 45 years, and a true decription of the "nuts and bolts" inside and outside,

step-by step overview of how, and why, a rocketbelt works, and it's rich history. ISBN 9781-926592-05-3  I can autograph and personalise a copy for you.
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 >Limited Edition Art Print<

The original painting was created in 1973 and appeared on the cover of Ducks Unlimited Magazine in March/April 1974
issue (left picture)The prints are on high quality stock and were reproduced in a limited edition of 500, there will never be
anymore made. The overall size of the print is 23"X30" and the image is 18"X24"  

Copies of Bills Limited Edition art print of the Hooded Mergansers can be purchased from this site. The cost for the limited
edition print, signed and numbered by Bill is $85.00 US  plus shipping and handling. Each Print is signed and numbered by Bill
and can be remarqued in any manner you wish"
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The pictures below can be signed and personalised on 8x10 glossy photopaper, contact me for details    
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   Rocketbelt inventor Wendell Moore and myself  in 1968




  1984 Olympic flight1 Photo credits: Liz Tyler

Olympic flight2 Photo credits: Liz Tyler

Olympic flight 3 Photo credits: Liz Tyler

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