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A brief moment in history on rocket- and jetbelts.
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Bill Suitor

And the beat goes on

This page is dedicated to the thinkers, builders and enthusiasts who are in progress of building their own belts.

Nino Amarena (USA) "Thunderpack"
Builder, pilot and owner
Nino, Nelson Tyler and me with the Thunderpack               Me test-flying the thunderpack. Click on pic to see the footage

Gerard Martowlis (USA)
Builder, pilot and owner
Gerard test-flying his own build rocketbelt                              Getting prepared for a static flight, camera's watching
Click on pic to see a low-pressure first test flight

Stuart Ross (England), first European Rocketman
Builder, pilot and owner
(owns the "old GoFast" rocketbelt also).
Daytime job: Captain of a Boeing 767                               Hobby: building and flying his own build rocketbelt

David Clarke (Australia) first Australian Rocketman
Builder, pilot and owner

Click on picture to see one of David's free flights

David Mayman (Australia)
Pilot & owner
Rocketbelt build by Juan Lozano (TAM)           

Click on pics to see the documentary teasers

Click on pic for TAM website

GoFast! sports and bevarage (USA)
Owner: GoFast Sports
Pilot: Eric Scott

Click on picture above to see the world record footage

Builders: John Hewitt and Dave Butlar

Ian Purcell "Doc Rocket" rocketbelt

Owner, pilot

Demo flight Pilot (GoFast and other): Nick Macomber


Ian Purcell                                                                              Nic Macomber    Click on pic for footage (LDRS, 6-2012)

Builder: Jeremy McGrane

>>  to be continued <<